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Just released a name previewer for colouring your name in games like Quake, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, etc…

In the games I generally play, you use a special syntax within your name to colourise it.

Here’s a list of the codes:

^1 - RED
^2 - GREEN
^4 - BLUE
^5 - CYAN
^6 - PINK
^7 - WHITE
^0 - BLACK

You type the code (like ^2 for green) before the text (you want be green), then another code, some more text and so on ans so forth. For example, here’s what I might game under


which would be shown as:


The name previewer is designed to help you get a handle on your own handle.


As an aside (at the time of writing) Steam’s community website doesn’t support either:

  1. displaying these colour coded names correctly
  2. nor stripping this unwanted unneeded syntax from the display

And I got a bit sick of seeing endless waffle of colourised clan tags making the naming system on Steam mostly useless.

Creating a user-script (to work inside Greasemonkey for Firefox) to replace profile names when this syntax is used was fairly trivial. It looks for a few key links when the page loads and formats them appropriately. You can see the difference for yourself in the before and after screenies below.

Before (re)Namer

After (re)Namer


You’ll need Firefox and Greasemonkey (not supported in Chrome yet) – which means you can’t use the In-Steam embedded browser.

Install Steam Community (re)Namer for Firefox



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